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Quick Information About The Blue Dreamcatcher

✔️Different shapes, sizes, and styles available

✔️Some have hanging feathers; others have streamers

✔️Designs include lunar, flowers, wind chimes, geometric and hearts

✔️These models are blue, or blue with other colors: pink, purple, brown, red

✔️Make a perfect present for friends and loved ones

What does it mean to have a blue dream catcher?

The blue meaning that a person will attach to a blue item, including a dreamcatcher, depends on what culture they've been brought up in. So, for example, Westerners associate the blue color meaning as being calm and peaceful, with soothing elements. They also perceive blue as being tied to sadness, depression and loneliness, like when “someone has the blues”. Finally, blue in the West is tied to royalty and heraldry, as well as trust, authority, and security. That's why it's the color of many American banks.

But in other countries, blue has different meanings. Thus, for instance, it can represent healing. As such, amulets with blue colors inside them—these can be found in Turkey, Albania, Greece, Iran and Afghanistan—are used to ward against the evil eye. This eye represents a curse that can be delivered by an evil glare. In the Ukraine, blue represents the concept of good health. In India, the color is associated with the deity Krishna, who is said to represent love and divine joy. In the Middle East, blue represents heaven, immortality and spirituality—as well as protection and safety.

Blue Dream Catcher Product Specifications

Models of dreamcatchers

Many kinds of authentic dream catchers for sale in blue color are available on our website. For example, the Moon Dreamcatcher has a webbing area in the shape of a crescent moon (as in the name). The hoop is made from a thick brown cord, and the moon is threaded with slanting lines of pale brown. In the center of the crescent shape, there's a smaller web shape with a corded cyan flower. Hanging from the dreamcatcher are cyan and feathers in different shades of brown, including feathers with white spots. It's a bigger dreamcatcher that you can easily place over your bed or above a sofa.

Another cool model of large blue dream catcher is the Handmade Wind Chimes Car Dreamcatcher. This model is small enough to fit inside a car, and it has feathers of cyan and lilac purple. It also a wind-chimes functionality, which means that it will chime or make music whenever the wind floats through it. It can also be bought with white and light green feathers, or with pink ones. This model measures about a foot and a half in all, and the feathers measure eight to ten centimeters. The web design in the center of the hoop represents a geometric flower, with a small, empty space at the very center.

Last, one of the neat models we offer is the Big Blue Heart Dream Catcher. This one is a large model with a hoop in the shape of a heart. The feathers, as well as the edging of the heart, are cyan in color, and the strings in the heart are a lovely shade of pale orange. It can be used in both homes and cars, and is made out of different materials, including an iron hoop and polyester string. In all, this dreamcatcher is about a foot and a half long, with the hoop measuring roughly 13 centimeters, or 5.12 inches.

Patterns and Styles

Our models of dreamcatchers are available in all kinds of cool styles and shapes, including heart- and moon-shaped hoops. The designs within the webs can also be found in different kinds of styles, including lacy, delicate flowers; and cool geometric shapes, like a Spirograph. The feathers are of different styles as well: some are thick and rounded, with neatly defined shapes. Others are fluffy and a little bit all over the place. The Handmade Feather Wind Dreamcatcher features six clusters of feathers, which are stacked on top of each other, three abreast. Some models we offer, like the Purple Feather Large Dreamcatcher and the Big Heart Dream Catcher, have multiple hoops. Usually, there is one big hoop, combined with other, smaller hoops with the same design.

Not to mention, our dreamcatcher designs can be found in various colors, aside from blue. We have models with different colors of strings, feathers, cords, and hoops. For example, one model—the Purple Feather Large Dreamcatcher—has all kinds of colors, including dark purple, dark blue, and bright pink. It has many hoops: the large one on top, of course, but also four smaller ones, with a great many feathers dangling from them all. The feathers and smaller hoops are attached using round black beads.

Questions and Answers

How do I take into account the blue dreamcatcher meaning?

You take into account the meaning of blue by placing turquoise, sky-blue, and cyan dreamcatchers in rooms with calming elements. For example, they look good when placed in a bathroom or living room. The larger models, particularly those with wind chimes attached, are a good choice for outdoor areas, including your balcony or patio, so that you can admire them while it's nice and sunny outside. You can also place them in your car to give yourself feelings of hope, peace, calmness and serenity when you're driving—and especially when you're stuck, knee-deep, in congested traffic.

What other colors go well with blue dreamcatchers?

In keeping with color theory, all kinds of colors go well with blue dreamcatchers. Thus, for instance, all shades of blue go well together—cyan, sky-blue, the color of sea foam—as do blue, brown, white, and pale khaki; Prussian blue, black, pale grey and violet; bright blue, bright red, white, and dark grey; and navy blue, combined with foam-green, spring-green, and lavender. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn't combine too many colors together in the main color scheme, since this can create confusion. It can even turn out to be stressful.

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