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Dream Catchers are a spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them. A dream catcher is usually placed over a place you would sleep where the morning light can hit it. As you sleep all dreams from the spirit world have to pass through the dream catcher. Only good dreams can pass through to the dreamer while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and are destroyed by the first rays of the morning light.

Native American Dreamcatcher Quick Info

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Styles and Designs of the Indian Dream Catcher

The designs of dreamcatchers that we have on this website have all kinds of cool features. For example, many of the hoop designs are quite cool: there are flowers, astronomical phenomena, and other interesting shapes. The hoops are corded with threads of different shades, and the feathers are large and fluffy, soft and elaborate. Some of them have tassels, which hang and swing in the breeze, while others are threaded with bright, energetic LED lights.

But the authentic dream catcher—like the natives including the Ojibwe people, used to make—can be in all kinds of different styles. For example, generally, the hoop has the shape of either a circle or a teardrop. The circle of the hoop is meant to represent the way the sun and the moon move across the sky. The threads inside are meant to resemble the webs of a spider. This pattern has a hole in the center so that the dreams can pass through the dreamcatcher. The traditional weave of these threads is in an end-point weave.

This is unlike many modern dreamcatchers, which have a midpoint design, as well as stars, loops, and other shapes. The wood of the hoop was often made out of wood from the willow tree, and, in some cases, the bark of the guardian tree of the child to whom the dreamcatcher was given. They might also be made out of the reeds that grow alongside a river. Finally, items that were important to the child—which could be a feather, tooth, or animal bone—were placed inside the web. This authentic dream catcher is often quite small, often only a few inches across in diameter, and its frame would be covered in animal leather.

Our Review of Authentic Dream Catchers for Sale Online

One of the great things about these dreamcatchers is that they're available in many styles and designs. Currently, we offer customers twenty of these dreamcatchers, although that number might go up in the future. Among the styles we stock, you'll find the Original Indian Dream Catcher. This model is about 25 inches long, and it features multiple large, fluffy pink feathers. These feathers are threaded onto cords with pretty knot designs. The knots match in with the pink gem in the center of the hoop of the dream catcher native american. This gem is surrounded by a spiky pattern in pale brown cord, which resembles a sun. This model isn't only available in pink. You can also buy it with feathers in colors of orange, pale teal green, cerulean, and dark pink. Each model has its own unique structure and interesting design elements.

Another model of the native American dream catcher that we stock is the Indian Style Dream Catcher. We have a blue version and a black version, which are the same, aside from the color. Both versions offer many thick, soft feathers, which hang down from cords, with beads on top of the feathers. The center of the hoop is even more beautiful. The cords there form the beautiful shape of a lovely flower with rounded petals, not unlike a daisy. Even the center of the flower has a smaller flower inside it, threaded into the center of a small circle. The whole dreamcatcher is about 2 feet long: 61 centimeters, to be precise. The beads are made out of ABB, and wool is used for the cord.

Finally, there is also the Moon Dreamcatcher. This model is quite unique. What makes it different from other dreamcatchers is that its hoop doesn't exactly make the shape of a circle. Instead, it forms a crescent moon shape, with both points are almost pulled together, so that it the hoop still has the traditional circular shape. The thick, corded thread around the hoop is dark brown in color for most of the shape. Where the points of the crescent moon approach each other, however, the border is a bright turquoise color. This color is matched by the inner area of the hoop, which is in the right-center corner, near the points of the crescent. This small area is made up of a teal cord, braided into a shape that resembles a beautiful flower. There are also beautiful feathers hanging down from the hoop; they resemble genuine bird feathers. This model may not resemble the authentic native American dreamcatcher as much as others, but it's quite unique, in its own way.

What color scheme goes well with an authentic dreamcatcher?

The dreamcatcher authentic is generally made out of natural materials, including genuine wood, feathers, leather, and animal sinew. This means that the colors of the dreamcatcher are more limited. For example, they have the colors of brown, black, grey, and—in the case of the feathers—brighter shades, depending on the bird. These might include blue, for example. Naturally, these colors will depend on the more specific colors used. As an example, willow wood tends to be lighter in color than other types of wood.

So, what room colors go well with the American Indian dream catcher?

Well, the obvious answer is the same shades: browns, blacks, greys, and whites. However, in cases like this, you have to be careful to not overload the room with any one particular shade. If you do choose to use a lot of browns, make them different shades: dark brown in the dreamcatcher, golden brown for the walls, and orange-brown for the lampshades and other details. Alternately, consider mixing the browns and blues of the dreamcatcher with teal, robin’s egg blue, burgundy, or red. You can also mix the blue, brown and black of a dreamcatcher with blue-gray for a lovely, more subtle hue. Finally, the middling brown of an Indian dream catcher for sale goes well with pale yellow, slate blue, and middling and dark shades of orange.

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